A Late Night Debug And The Chrome Cache.

I want to say, it was yesterday already, because it has already passed 0:00.

I was launching my nopCommerce shop on my host, since last time, I set the Https certificate for loadbalancer Nginx, the system still had some legeacy to investigate. Also for I actually did not quite go through the nopCommerce code, yesterday I spent some time to host a gitee repository, but the repo was too big due to too many branches, I deleted the original repository, and used the latest version to push to a totally new repository which was merely about 300M way too much lighter than the former over 900M. Tracing the code makes me know it better faster, I have to say, but without live debug, to locate all the problems, I was simply editing the code online on the gitee website in the beginning. I changed the Nginx configuration to pass X-Forwarded-Proto header this time, and the language problem was fixed again, a good news now..

Then so this was fixed very quickly, but when I used Chrome, the Browser cache had always been naughty, I thought I used force refresh to reload the page meaning by pressing ctrl plus F5, but the backend check of SslRequirement always failed, I was assuming this could be the cause, but my cloud server builds really slow, I am using it to build code other than simply use it as a deployment machine now.. Then I checked Chrome Invisible Mode on, finally it worked.

Then I figured out several tips:

. it is OK to fix code problems live because of the different environment.

. browser cache is alway naughty..

. well, looks like I am more patient at night, this problem cost me several hours' time to review code, try methods, deployment again and again, troubleshooting.

. this tool I am using has no logging system but its database based logging.

OK, with clear mind, the whole day I had been playing Leagure Of Legends, at night, I thougt of solving this, and it was solved.