Cut Yourself A Little Slack

I don't know how many people have subscribed to Bill Gates' Gates Notes, there is insider email coming once every few days, the frequency is weekly or not certain, because he is well-known, and he has too many things since he is at a topper layer than most people, he cares about big things like sustaintial green energy, nuclear energy, world's climate change, reducing the gap between the rich and the poor, fighting biological bacteria or virus diseases, helping with education, presenting to college graduages,,,

So, anther his past that almost everybody knows is he dropped out of Harvard and started up Microsoft, which is the gaint in the world for quite long.

I feel he had given too many speeches like Steve Jobs at Stanford for college graduages, he also had given too many, in his last notes I received, he gave another for the 2023 graduates, there are some kinds like mottos he gave I believe in very much, and last one's point to me in my perspective might be, "Cut yourself a little slack",

I feel procastination too much to me already, I am not positve for jobs, not positive for life things, living like a slacker, having a room of paper box garbages in my apartment which I had been keeping for so many years dating from I built this house in 2018,

It is a cheap house, did not cost much, and the traffic near here is becoming better though about 300m poor dusty path, I bought quite a lot of things during these years and kept throwing box containers in that room, and now, the room is filled full, garbage hill....

I spent 3 days by now already and sliced all th bottoms of the boxes to fold them into piece and pile up, but haven't finished yet, because I need to call somebody up to sell them to to regain the space.

Also because recently weather changing often and too hot(about 37 above C) already.

But the room is going to be freed in a day or too, I'm sure, also cutting slack to be serious...

Anyway, before I make it concretely, I might stay with no publish,