How I quickly hands on the Golang project in my remote US job in the first few days, Truth contracting

I did not know Golang at all at that time, the project was containerized in docker, and dynamodb to save object data.

I kept looking up concepts whenever I did not know things, and in a short time, I set up debug environment in VSCode and learned Golang basic knowledge.

Then I found books to know wider aspects of Golang. With my former experience in C#, multithreading, and OOP, I was able to do all these really quickly, just by looking up the concept and problem, programming language is just another way of doing the same things.

Actually in the first one or 2 months, I sent out timecards but did not get approved, the team at that time was changing director.

And the product manager told that each year, there are many contractors and interns that don't get paid for months. It was really important to get along somehow well with your supervisor. And each week, have to maintain the relationship, if I did not join the daily stand up meeting at least once every Friday in the US, it would felt like I am already far away, and if I did not post a daily message in the daily stand up channel every day reporting my progress,and actively respond to any inquiries, and ask questions to move forward, apparently it would never be that easy, and I held on for about 19 months, and the last week almost, because my father run into an accident, I was losing my mind, and writing too arbitrarily in my onenote which I shared with all the company leaders, and did not post messages in the stand up channel for a consecutive 3 days which never happened in my past working there, and also contractors leaving somehow made me worried when once again family member almost losing life leaving me, I was so emotional and did not go to Shanghai since.

I worked hard, but there were people stressing me, all people are under pressure cause the world was in lockdown.

So, Keep moving is hard, unless you know your direction or you can sense your direction forward without any guidance. But, keep moving.