How To Create A Programming Language

Considering creating a programming language using another more basic programming language;

As we know, there are C and CPP, furthermore assembly programming languages, more often, modern programming languages are created using C and CPP, since they two are rich in feature and CPP is even Object Oriented.

But how to create a programming language? The most basic step is to read a source file and parse the symbols, so this leverages a string reader and reading each meaningful white space splitted or operator splitted words into properly identified symbol, then as to expression, it should be OK to use stack calculator to compute value for specific variable, so, that is a symbol table, then according to lex analyzing, put different symbols into different groups, when the stack calculator is running, get values by looking up symbol table and the control flow, and do the whole process.

The reading part is same with reading a json string, need to identify which are string, which are variable, etc.