I am building my own frameworks, they are under testing.

Recenly, because I was laid out from the remote US team, having no job for the moment, I had been focusing on development of my Calo.js mvvm and my JMVC in java, they are both put together after efforts, and so far, so good, every line of code I wrote with own efforts and search, very full support of common features,

today I had time to design the website pages, and the files are like:

      1. 1. 网站前端的开发


1. 新闻:

数据库表: 编号,标题,简述,内容,作者, 创建时间,过期时间,是否置顶,

需要: 文本编辑器, 上传图片,

2. 展示

数据库表: 编号,名称, 图片, 链接,创建时间,过期时间,是否置顶

3. 联系我

数据库表:编号, 主题, 详情, 电子邮件, 留言时间, 过期时间,

4. 博客文章

数据库表: 编号,标题,内容,作者,过期时间, 标签,

5. 评论

数据库表: 编号,评论会员编号,博客文章编号, 评论人邮件,评论内容,评论时间,过期时间,是否过审

6. 系统设置


7. 访客

数据库表:编号, ip地址,访问时间,

9. 渠道管理

数据库表: 编号, 渠道名称,渠道编号,创建时间,过期时间,

10. 翻译

数据库表: 编号,代号, 语言简称,翻译

11. 成员

数据库表: 编号,姓名,邮件,密码, 创建时间,激活状态, 最新活跃,

12. 友情链接

数据库表: 编号, 名称, 网址, 过期时间,创建时间

13. 菜单

数据库表: 编号, 父编号,名称,菜单链接,是否展示,创建时间,过期时间

14. 愿望单


16. 个人介绍

数据库表:编号, 标题,介绍, 过期时间,

17. 广告

数据库表: 编号, 标题, 内容,链接,详情, 是否过期,


the pages are like, I built them with bootstrap builder, and some pages are ready, then used my mvvm and created mock data, the js render process works pretty good, then, things will be much faster to build the whole website;

because the JMVC project is written in java that I used openjdk17, the exchange server is a very simple server, so I was able to introduce MVC that concept to it, and also added file uploader adjusted right from online code borrowed after the bytes operations, somehow I feel it good to use, and my scale is becoming more precise, then a Japanese full stack developer and UX designer I found, somehow, I am good with the code, thanks him for vendoring the formdata bytes upload manipulation.

Then, I am planning to replace this nopcommerce website? maybe ,with my java project,