I Made a Mistake Solving English Algorithms

I am pretty good at English somehow covering my own scope for now, but after joining some English coding tests, some I did not finish in the allotted time, why? When I think of them, they are not simple, so, why did I fail? 

Well, I need to figure out the problem!

After years of using English to write, read, speak, and listen, I formed a habbit of trying to understand every word I meet with, I meet with it, and then try to understand English translations of it, as well as sample situations when I may need to use it again, but this makes me really slow, I focused too much on the Words, but as to coding and solving algorithms, they have time limits, during the process of solving such things, trying to understanding and learning, memorizing new words completely is a deadly mistake!

Since I am quite good at Math, and super strong logically, this makes me inefficient, this is why I failed some English algorithm tests!!! In fact, when thinking about algorithms, the language is already not the focal point, but when using another language, surely it will still work out understanding all things in it, but it will make you slow! Since I am not accustomed to solving algorithms in English, throughout my past, literally I understand English really fast, but most of them are merely descriptions or illustrative simple English passages, understanding deeper behind English and the algorithms was a rare case, 

If you try to solve something using you are not quite familiar with, you will have to invest time to first translate it to your most familiar and efficient manner apparently! It just feels hard to connect the algorithms beginning steps that you have understood logically in English without understanding it in your mother tongue with the proceeding steps that require pictured thinking of former steps to move forward, and it might be hard for non-native speakers or even some who are still not very skilled at forming long yet very logically descriptive English phrases into proper logical reasonable understanding! And solving algorithms means fully capable of describing it in your own words, if it's in English, then describe it in pure English, but for speakers who are not very accustomed to this kind of practice, this takes more time.

So, sometimes some steps might be unavoidable for you for your current ability! 

Finish things in your most efficient way!

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