I set up my own home network with my new server.

I bought a blade HP dl360Gen9 server 4 years ago, and since then, I did not use it, because it is too noisy, and it is a second hand server, the set is not that good, and I had no good plan on how to use it.

After 4 years recently, I tried to launch it, but seems the hard disk is not working properly, second hand has no quality guarantee indeed, what a catch here. And I once again bought a ThinkServer ts80x brand new, this is a small server that works pretty quietly.

The 3rd day, it arrived, but no OS installed or the OS installed crashed, then I contacted the seller, and after some struggle, we fixed it by recreating the raid1 disk array, what a painful process, then I first installed win10 to it, then I found I downloaded winserver2016 in 2016, so I installed server 2016 to it on harddisk from win10, then since I had a wifi usb networking card, i plugged it to the server, then struggled once again to fix ther server2016 no connecting wift issue, after this set, that was yesterday.

The next day, I began to setup pptpd on my ali cloud server, still, after some struggle, successfully figured it was the ALI server security group not opening port 1723, configured this, and PPTPD successfully set, then local servers, connecting to the PPTPD, I assigned manual addresses to all 3 systems, now ready to do the replacements.

There is one small clip that happened disobeying my purpose, I created nginx port forwarding to PPTPD address port on my local dev machine, it first did not work, I searched everything, and suddenly noticed, it was WSL that I was running the app on, and it never succedded, after switching to hosting the app on the win10 machine, the IP and PPTPD IP can be accessed via all the other systems, this is to mark the local network set up which I used once, but this time, set them up once again on a more confident network.