Life update, one new step forward, I made it.

Last time, I participated in the driver's license exams, in the beginning things went on well, I passed the first subject very long time ago, but as to the second subject, what was not good was the first time I took the exam, I realized it could be really hard, why? I remember I successfully drove out without any alarm voice, but they said the machine went wrong, asked me to retake the exam, then the next 3 rounds were continuous, the coach was not good, they changed my coach, who is really a rude person, I tried to communicate, but the communication was not fluent, then I happened to broke my shoulder and arm during that period, I was not able to drive, but I have to work, so after 2 years' time, I'm back, this time I have a new coach, and the last time of the test, I passed, then subject 3, subject 4, I passed all of them, I finally became a qualified driver, what a hard experience! I remember the haters?, the girl or my father, they are the same kind, when I am doing something forward, they the kind of people would say, ha, it is so hard, I say I have achieved something, they would say negative words, the girl said I might not pass the license test, I got pretty unhappy, and not talked to her anymore, why should such negative people who are paying no efforts always taking the convenience on words to curse others and trying to let others lose confidence? I never want to bother that type of people like my father anymore, they are losers in life already, but still want me to be nothing, he is such a mean person, who stole the money of the field fees by the government and gave us no happiness, so selfish, and he always shouts and threaten my life, and my mother left that way, he should have been put in prison in the law's perspective, but I really can't be so cold, I live on my own, be independent, be hardworking, just want to live a free life, I never want to bother to bear those threatening words, let he be, and I have a family to form, come on, me, and bless me, mother, dearest,

So this was the past, I now look forward to new challenges, and at the same time, try my best to keep myself always passionate~

It's summer now, the weather had been really hot, around 40 during the daytime, but there are more things waiting, I think I should be better at the golang programming language, and cooking,

I am also mitigating into more unfamiliar areas that I have to be better at! Then how's yours, I made it, with the sorrow of the great loss, and the painful feeling towards the regret and pity, I cannot just let myself stay the same, I don't know the future, so does nobody, so, keep being ourselves, and do the deed~