My React With DotnetCore Shallow Experience

I've been staying at home for some time, and I thought maybe I would stay here forever and not go out any more, but it just seems, I cannot stand staying here for one year, emotions is a common visitor that torture me from time to time, when I wanted peace, I could not get it fulfilled, then I became active, and want to move on, reality is blocking my steps. It's like there is a clown somewhere, challenging me.

I once created a project with react and dotnetcore, and of coure, I felt this type of scaffolding easy, and it would not take much time to create a usable app with these code, but I wanted to explore some code styles that I did not have chance to try, especially about the frameworks, when I got some ideas, I quickly started off, and by now, built two frameworks that are more or less useful since I have tested them to build apps, and my theory is not bad, they work within expectation.

Then on the market, there are certainly demaning jobs there require certain skills based on currently prevelently hot frameworks, such as vue, react, angular, which are the most popular 3 main MVVM frameworks that could really accerlate front-end development progress.

I have used all of them, and originally a backend technoligist who can be said to be not bad at designing software pieces, I know this pattern long ago, and my frontend framework is simple yet satisfying. Then I must accquire skill of using these at least one of these frameworks, but each of them is also different, recently especially some foreign corps begins to come to my sight, and some people find me and ask about React as preference, honestly, since I have already had my own MVVM frontend framwork which I had been tuning for some time, and I like my design, I still cannot avoid React, of course, using exisiting scaffolding can help me directly go into practical development experience of this framework, so I did.

I first wrote a sample app, because it is a SPA, components and pages are the same concept. It is still easy enough to try it, I mainly tried writing parent->child components dual way interacting with each other, by setting props and callback methods, it is easy to make it work, interaction between irrevelant components seems could be done by a bus which transmits message from one component to the other.  This template that dotnetcore integrated was generated with javascript es6 other than typescript, maybe next time I will try other implementations.

2023-4-17 下午3:55