My Ultimate Laptop Set Up

I recently made changes to my laptop, when I bought it, it had 16gb ram and 512gb ssd, I soon bought a 32gb ram and replaced one 8gb ram with the 32gb one, and finally, I got 40gb of ram, as to the ssd, very recently though I did find ssd really at low price 169rmb is the price of a made in China ssd 512gb with 3ys warranty, I almost bought it, but considering I still had the macbook air 2017 which I replaced the ssd with a 3rd party converter and 1gb west data sn570, the 128gb mac ssd is in idle, then I deassemble the notbooks and put back the macbook air 128gb, and backed up the data I might review which I disappointedly found myself really not much valuable data to preserve, then the 1tg sn550 ssd is now in my hasee laptop which now is equipped with 1.5gb of 2 ssds, and 40gb ram, one 8gb ram is still not in use.

I formatted the 1tb ssd of 2 partitions, and luckily, I found the ubuntu linux which I installed on one partition is still able to use after installed on another laptop of this hasee one. The other day, I found the video card driver available in the software and updates of the Ubuntu software update, after installing nvidia rtx3060 driver, the laptop is good to work well with ubuntu with the specs which is way too much more powerful than merely 8gb and the old generation 5th gen intel cpu, I can do a lot of things under linux now.

Why I had this one? When I consider buying new devices, most often I value quality as well as specs, hasee uses clevo gaming laptop template models, my previous laptop which I bought in 2016 when I was working in Microsoft has the specs of 960m 2gb, i7 6700h, 16gb ram, 256sata of 2013 bufflo, 1tb mechnical 1t hard disk with the original pack, in 2016, VR had began to become popular, those days, on weekends I would go around the Microsoft campus and find some PC stores where they have VR headsets, but at that time, PCVR was really expensive, htc vive was about 10k which I cannot spend easily just for entertainment, but I saw the graphics, it was really very appealing to me, the 960gbx 2gb was with the label VR ready, and at that time, I still bought that one for about 4700rmb which is what I consider I may accept in spending in a laptop(I don't usually buy very expensive products since I consider myself not wealthy, and I should manage my cost well), having the laptop, I had wanted to have a VR headset, but the cheapest set on market which was oculus rift was about 3000, before I can really get something valuable out of the device or else I feel the cost not necessary, this desire lasted long in my mind for years, and I did not see good development in the VR industry maybe it was just because I did not give it enough attention, finally, 2021, I was at home, with a Shanghai salary in Luoyang at home, I spent equal 2 months' rent and tried oversea trading from amazon Japan for the first time for the Oculus quest headset which was 300 us dollars at that time, I spent about 2350rmb including the oversea transportation fee of the headset, then, then the 6th gen laptop bought in 2016 is also having a history of 6 years already, and the screen is 45% tft which is too blurry for programming considering, this year, I finally made the decision to buy a new laptop, also hoping to try VR no matter play with it or try the development of it,  I think it reasonable to spend the money to upgrade my equipments for new areas maybe, this time having a 17 inch 72%tft 40gb ram, 1.5tb ssd, with windows 11 home genuine, plus, ubuntu linux dual boot, I am able to do a lot more without being bothered too much just by lacking the power of PC, and I feel great,

The history of my Macbook air 2017 8gb 128gb:

The desire for a mac had been on my mind for years to 2017, but macbook notbooks are really very expensive to me at that time, I did not have good pay in the past, then in 2017, in the period when I lost the job of contractor in LexisNexis, I finally stepped forward and bought one new air 2017, wihch is said to be the last gen of replacable ssd, now somehow regret not buying the new models causing sidecar with ipad impossible,, what a bad decision, the 2017 air was about 5800rmb that I spent, also a really cheap price already searching over taobao, a brand new laptop which I still use now, I had replaced the battery myself, I used to replace the ssd with 1t though I resotred the 128gb now, it is still very convenient to carry out having long battery life and smooth operation, though reallly not powerful for big software projects, anyhow, I like it,  I don't sell or buy things too often, I treat my stuff well, they don't easily get too old and broken, they are well, and so am I.