My Ultimate Macbook Air 2017 setup

I have this 128G model, I used to feel SSD space too small, this one can change disk, after these years, I actually regret not buying a newer model when at that time first time trying Mac thinking of changing SSD,

I tried to install another 1t SN570, but failed to install the correct disk format like previously with SN550's success, then had to switch back to  128G, but now feeling content since this space really enough for my current setup, a Mac really needs no too big space,

I had VMware installed, then XP, old software pieces running .net framework 4.0, such as powerdesigner 12, staruml, ps cs3,  ai cs3, axure, they are enough,, to use,  I checked the disk, still 45GB left,

some SDKs like java, python, go, maven, node, etc,  they are are the MAC os, the others on XP, and I will not change this one I think in even in future,

Life is unavoidable, meet with new try, and fail, and end up lost 1 day already when that comes into consciousness, rolling back everything to formula and try to compromise, and move on, and on, and on ,,,,,

Seldom does something wait for you for too long

2023-5-18 上午8:17
I feel like there is nothing to build already, I'm already seeing what could be built in my brain very clearly, the apps, how to translate the images into descriptions, and building them does not bother me too much, so good at coding, but the only reality is walls you know, so, AI is taking over, so I am also using AI to create vector icons, haa, same name, where is AI in the US that had been so well trained to so versatile to generate everything just by words, there is a long way to go,