Talk about my most-recent job application on 8.21.2020

To today, I wanna speak of my most recent job interview, the interview was with a leading company in the forex investment domain.

Months ago, I received an interview invitation from a famous consultancy company, providing JD of a WeChat developer position in a sound American company in the forex exchange domain. I was on bench( bench means no customer job in consultancy companies) then, so I joined that, the 1st round was a Teams video call interview with several people as audience, an American developer asked me quite a lot about software development, including OOP, OOAD, principles, front-end, deployment, windows server IIS deployment, database optimization, CSS styling, responsive design, DOM, javascript language skills, C# Design patterns, since then, for over a month, I got no feed back from the head hunter, I even asked back, but still no reply, so, I did not care about it any more, but in July I was notified to join the second round video interview, the 2nd round was still technical oriented, it was about C# live coding with 2 American developers(their global team technical vice President and team manager) from the company, there were several aspects that the interviewers prepared to test my C# skills, I still remember the different topics of C#, the first one was about Generic type, it was about C# generic type restraints, to restrict template parameter to inherite from a base type, so that compiler does not throw error on type conversion of object to destination type; the second topic was about recognition of C# code performance of iteration in foreach and also array out of boundary problem, as well as SOLID violation problem, how to comment in code reviews; another topic was about the C# new features, the underscroe symbol _, ie. the discard symbol in C# for out type argument; then about difference among, readonly filed initialization, constructor, property with only getter, method declaration with lambada expression body; The last one was coding of an http client to consume an RestApi using get verb, I answered and coded through the 2nd round.

At last, I was invited to join the last round f2f interview with the China branch on site. Because the former 2 rounds had been passed, the last round was purely about questions that 2 non-technical related Chinese askings about my decisions developing their legacy project by a vendor company, about how I want to do it, I answered the normal way. After about 3 days' time, the head hunter told me to the last round, I did not pass, so, I have no complaints about it, f2f interview with them is a deep question especially for an experienced developer now~