Telling The Server My Home Public IP Heartbeatly,

Dynamic service discovery can be a feature in Microservice, I have my own private server setup, but this public IP changes every time the router is reallocated per restart. I have services that I want to run on this powerful private server because a cloud server is expensive but with low setup, so I wrote a Python file to help me keep the newest my home IP, so frontend pages etc. can always redirect or get forwarded to my server which has more powerful services and apps running,
from flask import Flask,request,json,render_template,jsonify,logging
from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server
app = Flask(__name__)

import os

def sayHi():

def hello_world():
return'Hello, World!'+os.environ["homeIp"]
if __name__ == '__main__':

So, I set up APIs to get latest homeIP, also, I will write another client app to keep requesting the "/" route every 5 seconds or so, of course, there is an easier way:

open a web browser and a blank page, then in the console just execute

setInterval(function(){fetch(remoteAPIsetHomeIp),2000}, let it be there and run

2023-5-23 上午8:02
The server now has 40GB memory and 2TB single hard disk plus 1T dual raid0 disks,