The comparison between Java and dotnet, what's happening to them,

In this article, I want to make a comparison between between different programming languages that I currently have tried, the table may grow, but for the moment, I just want to compare the two, Java and C#, which me myself is also trying to make myself productive in Java as a C# dev,

There can be a table here,

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2022-3-11 下午10:02
Can you fix the library version issues in Spring cloud? Is it worthy just trying to figure out the correct versions that match and make the set up smooth without the tranings?
2022-3-11 下午10:07
Everybody knows Java and C# just borrowed each other, now C# might be steps further, yet Java is not free now, does the openJDK meet what is needed? Talking about interops, functionalities, code to write, ecosystems, new features in the languages are just shorthands maybe, then, the spirit.