The importance of License Server and API

As of shipment of production level software for merchandise, I feel a license server is needed. Talking about the benefits, take LinqPad for example, the C# playground is having much hot in society. For market investigation and pricing purpose, I think it already sets up a good model for independent developers, why not create your own software, with handy and useful features that people desire, they need it, or they want cheaper solutions with similar features!

Then think about how to design and make such a server online. An API is needed, then license key generator, they backend database features, there should be registration for which goes together with the palpay payment invocation, after the purchase on paypal succeeds, then record a record in database about the user, the purchase type, when the license code is applied, add to license sites the machine info, so, this way makes sense.

Modern software should be selling features other than old all-in-one package, this should be the trade tactic!