The Microservice project In my past

Talking about Microservice, it makes the system framework really a plain infrastructure since you have so many projects to build.

In 2018, I joined Abax Norway and first got to know Microservice, the system was really low latency, and leveraging CQRS, there are many pieces to manage the message queue, rabbitMQ and MassTransit were used. But I did not stay in the company for long and the system was already a very successful SAAS company with a history of over ten years.

Then I came back to my hometown, I was in another SAAS project, an online reimbursement SAAS ERP project. But microservice was at that time a very new concept to Chinese companies, and the project was planned using JAVA, the team was looking up SpringCloud and its Microservice suite.

Then according to my experience, I found other implementations in Dotnet, and in the end, the project was built on the ABP framework and the Ocelot gateway, rabbitMQ, consul,  Mongodb, dynamic form, etc. So in the project, I wrote a lot to make the services work.

Some key things to remember in Microservice, such as messaging queue data consistency, transaction, etc. Centralized caching in Redis. Load balancing for services internal interactions.

Soon in 2020 or so, I found Microsoft released a cookbook on building a "Containerized Microservice app" PDF, which explains such implementation.