Use PeanutShell Forwarding and Hosting Site Purely on Local Server

I have my server setup, I plan to use PeanutShell to host one site for one month.

The site is going to have a sub domain name, the server is going to use docker, just knew docker now has "docker init" CLI command to generate empty dockerfile and docker-compose file,

I plan to setup CI,CD, Jenkins, Gitlab, Zentao, Docker, dockerMysql, Java, Go, Node, etc, on the server, hope the 24G memory is enough,

Then the CMS, JFinal framework use, video site, pic site use,


code build in containers?

2023-5-17 下午3:06
Too many things to do, setting up a mail sender service, is a mail server needed?,,
2023-5-17 下午3:29
Always start with Bash script file and automate everything!