Why Having A Live Workflow Service Running Is Important, And Why Python Is A Sharp Tool.

Very often, we are having a sequence of work to do, and they cannot be done by just engaging one tool, they maybe a task that we have to login to different websites, call different APIs, record different data, and all the other things like importing, exporting. So usually, these can be done by a live workflow service which at least we can call one entry to finish a series of jobs. Speaking of programming languages, python makes a good script engine for other language like C# to call, also, it is easier to write, not so much code. According to my experience in MS, they still use a flow engine to execute such tasks, I am somehow happy to find an open-source replacement, I think shelfing it and also, writing some of the tasks for me can save me much work! Giving an input, then drag different jobs and files, then all done, it manages all jobs in one central place, this is what I think it's valuable, the difficult thing about fragement-like jobs are always where to manage them.

Serving such engine, I plan to host on an Linux server, because Linux Server is more command-line friendly manybe, or simplier! Then I create jobs that I want!